Civil Engineering and Land Surveying

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Civil Engineering and Land Surveying in Sandusky, Ohio

Get comprehensive civil engineering and surveying services from John Hancock & Associates, Inc.  Located in downtown Sandusky, we serve the north coast of Ohio, including Erie, Ottawa, Sandusky, Huron, and Lorain counties.  Let us help you develop the best plan for your residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal engineering projects. 

Whether you're planning to build a commercial or industrial site, residential development or municipal project, we strive to provide only the best civil engineering and surveying services to our clients.  Our team of professional engineers and surveyors will evaluate your needs and advise you of the proper steps to complete your project, big or small. Call today to find out more about our civil engineering, land surveying, and site mapping services.


For Property Owners: We provide boundary surveys, mortgage location surveys, topographic surveys, FEMA elevation surveys and certificates, and coastal/submerged land lease surveys.

For Development Projects: Let us provide complete preliminary and final development plans and utility design, roadway design and regulatory permit applications.

For County and Municipal Infrastructure Projects: We provide designs for your roadways and streets, storm water infrastructure and permitting, water distribution and sanitary sewers.

Engineering Services

Storm Drainage Design

Site Engineering Plans

Preliminary Site Plans

Waterline and Sanitary Sewer Design

Coastal Engineering

U.S. Army Corps 404 Permits

Ohio EPA 401 Permits

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments

Reports and Studies

Expert Services

ODNR Shore structure & submerged lands permitting

Surveying Services

Boundary Surveys


Construction Layout


Mortgage Location Services


Commercial ALTA/NSPS Mortgage Surveys


Topographic Surveys


Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys
FEMA Elevation Certificates & LOMA/LOMR Submissions


Quantity Determinations


As-built Surveys
Hydrographic surveys for shoreline improvements 

 UAV (drone) mapping for site and shoreline investigations

To request a service from our general civil engineering team, call (419) 625-7838 or toll free (855) 333-4895.

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